A new NGO for the Comoros

Delivering sustainable landscape management is a long term process and the project partners are engaged for a 10-15 year period. But just as landscape management ultimately needs to be led by communities themselves, support to these communities needs to be led by local institutions. The development of a local NGO to take a lead in conservation and rural development in the Comoros into the future is therefore a key aim of the project.

The executive of the NGO will be based around key members of the current ECDD team, and the membership and board will include prominent members of Comorian civil society. The initial stages of the development process have been to define the vision, mission and scope of the activities of the NGO, and to capitalise on the experiences of other organisations which have followed similar approaches, both in the Comoros, in Madagascar and further afield.

Building on this the next stage, a working group has been set up to steer the process towards the formal creation of the NGO by the end of 2012. This involves engaging a membership, electing a board of trustees and developing the identity of the organisation.

Within the project, capacity building is focused on developing the skills of project staff in the different areas of work such as agricultural support, working with communities, ecological monitoring and project management. Training has been organised involving partner organisations such as AVSF, and the Réseau des Educateurs et Professionels de la Conservation in Madagascar.